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Strategy First

Ready. Aim. Fire. It sounds simple…


…but owners and executives often work at break-neck speed without a fully developed strategy; skipping fundamental planning and running straight to “Fire!” Lacking a strategic IMPROVEMENT process, they spend their time putting out fires instead of deliberately aiming for their target.

Strategy is the cornerstone of any effective plan. It’s the first step in transforming a vision into a towering achievement. In order to facilitate this development process, HPE leads three distinct and focused phases of work. In contrast to a business culture that is caught up in the frenzy of “busy work”, we believe in the simplicity of “Ready. Aim. Fire.” Our approach is to spend an appropriate amount of time in the Discover phase – a review of industry, economy, competition, vision, selling process, marketing message and unique value proposition. Our clients can attest to the fact that allotting time for strategic improvement planning amplifies the impact of the hard work and execution that follows.

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