Our Process: Discover

We take intentional time up front to listen, observe, make inquiries and experience your business in operation – your expertise, your people, your customers, your way.

“Seeking first to understand” what makes your business uniquely valuable in your market(s) is our top priority. Everything is on the table during this phase. We survey the vision for your organization with the CEO / executive team and then determine if that vision is communicated accurately throughout your organization so that it reaches the customer.

We then reverse this exploration process, beginning with the customer and sales process, progressing back throughout the organization to the original vision presented – looking for areas of disconnection, problems, opportunities and affirmation. This feedback loop continues with an assessment of market conditions, providing a baseline of your organization’s strengths and weakness as well as an understanding of how best to compete.

The result is a summary of your organization’s obstacles and insights from a market share perspective that sets up recommendations for the Define phase.